Welcome to East Bay Mac Menders

You have a Mac, Windows PC or Linux system... It was working quite well at one point...

And now it's not.

Something's gone either mildly or horribly awry and the time has come to fix it!
Or reclassify this once-wonderful (and very expensive) computer as an unwieldy paperweight.

That's where East Bay Mac Menders comes in!

Simply put, we'll get out there, get to work, sort things out, recover your data if need be and do everything we can to get your computer back to a nifty pre-disaster status where it was working well and making your life easier.
Student Discounts: 
Be sure to ask about our "We Know You're Broke, but Your Computer Doesn't Have to Be" $30/hr rate.
Discount rate for current undergrads (with valid student ID) as well as discounted rates for seniors 65 yrs. or over and veterans!


Our Services Include:

Desktop/Laptop Software Support    |    Data Recovery    |    Hardware Upgrade and Repair    |    Network Services    |     Network Services  iPod/iPhone/iPad Loading and Configuration Services    |    Boot Camp Installation and Setup     |     Image Scanning

Honestly, the stuff that is nifty and keeps one sane, even if your computer (and all the work, music, pictures, documents and memories inside it) have decided to take the day off and need to be repaired...

- Yacht Rock: Episode 2: Loggins and McDonald versus Hall and Oates, complete with a lucky harpoon and the unadulterated power of smooth music.

- "Lazy Sunday": Ryan Conner mentioned that Andy Samberg might be able to save Saturday Night Live and from this short sketch, I believe him. The family movie-going experience meshed with hard core rap.

- The Swedish Chef: A collection of old Swedish Chef skits in a .zip archive. No matter how badly your day's gone, you'd be hard pressed not to stop and laugh.

- Where It All Began: The 1984 unveiling of the Macintosh and its first demo run. Prior to the Super Bowl commercial and all the hubbub, this is where the Macintosh took center stage and proved itself worthy as the computer of choice.

- Buddy Rich vs. Animal: A brief and much-needed dose of Muppety goodness. I used to play the skins myself once upon a time. Wasn't great at it, wasn't terrible. Take a gander and click away. I think you'll like what you see.

- Jaws in 30 Seconds (with bunnies): This probably won't make you smarter, but it will make you laugh.

- Nematoad Goodness: Because Lisa is both talented as well as demented. Kindly visit her web site and browse her art pieces for sale.

- Because I Lack All Respect for your Mental Well-Being: Actually, I possess great espect for your brain meats and the thoughts therein. Still, the mighty chinchilla must be the acknowledged, revered and addressed in a proper fashion. Cute to the nth degree, furry and entirely harmless. Kindly hug your chinchilla today.

- Dungeons and Dragons: The movie rendition of the classic comedy track by the Dead Alewives. Bloody brilliant and a must-have for anyone who's played Summoner or Red Faction.

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Telephone: +1 202 341 9236

E-mail: eastbaymacmenders@gmail.com

Address: 4809 Guilford Rd. College Park, MD 20740

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